First Impressions are crucial to building trust with your audience. We assist Companies, Non-Profits and Individuals in providing visual solutions to accurately communicate who you are and what you have to offer with usability in mind while leaving a positive lasting impression on your intended audience. Our experienced and passionate team plans for the best user experience with your vision and goals in mind to provide ease of use and long term value. We design websites, mobile apps, print materials, and brand materials to individuals, businesses and large enterprises. We aim to create meaningful and stunning visuals that demand attention, inspire our audiences, and leave lasting impressions. We feel the work we do is a cut above the rest and we take pride in every design we do. It's simple, we bring ideas to life. We provide the utmost professionalism; delivering the results you expect while providing a personalized experience. Regardless of the project size or complexity our design services are sure to give your audience the lasting impression you need!

Our Specialities


Our passionate teams of website designers do a lot more than create pretty website storyboards for our development team to develop into fully functioning websites. Our teams will strategize with you to translate your vision into stunning visual concepts and interactive experiences that engage website visitors and keep them wanting more. We plan every detail of your website to be truly spectacular by itself so when combined it creates a truly magnificent web experience which sets our Client's websites apart from other websites.

Have you been doing research and planning on designing a website or maybe your website needs a re-design? Are you wanting a website which is responsive so it displays on all device types? Do you want a website that won't need to be a facelift in a few years? Are you wanting the job done right? We love design and web technologies, and we love harnessing our passion to create beautiful, one of a kind websites that make you stand out from your competition. That is why we create every website to be responsive so it can display beautifully across all devices while being 100% compliant with industry best practices. We believe in doing it right the first time.

Our Latest Websites

Think professional web design companies are expensive? Our basic websites start at $750.00

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Your logo is a statement of who you are. That is why we don't just create logos, we create memorable brands. By communicating a consistent, coherent and professional image to the world, your Company can help increase its reputation and trust with its Clients; new and old.

Personality is what sets people apart from each other. We design logos and develop brands which amplify your personality as a Company. By capturing your Company's distinct identity and personality we can help you to promote your Company or Service.

Our Latest Logos and Brands

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Print Materials

We offer a wide array of print design services to ensure your brand keeps a consistent look both on and offline. Print materials are an excellent way to strengthen your brand's image and increase name recognition. Our skilled design team will work with you to ensure that all your print materials align with your Company's distinctive products and services. Creating a visual message which conveys your identity is priceless. We have the capability to deliver professional looking materials from business cards, brochures, marketing material, corporate apparel, posters and banners.

With such a wide array of design services, Pixelated Karma will work with you to deliver cost-effective, professional, and visually appealing print solutions that will leave your competition envious and your Clients begging to get their hands on it!

Some of the Work We've Done for Clients

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User Interfaces (UI)

As technologies advance and become more complicated, developers are constantly looking for ways to make their digital products more user-friendly. That's where Pixelated Karma's User Interface (UI) Design team comes in. We do more than just make things look pretty; we understand how a user needs to interact with a product in the real world for the product to effectively meet its objectives and goals.

The UI design team focuses first on user interaction; the process of figuring out the most efficient way to use the product to its full potential versus the way the consumer will likely use the product. Therefore they design based around the user and product before beginning to devise an intuitive user interface. Using this knowledge with creativity and simplicity the User Interface design team then creates an intuitive user interface that will appeases both our Client and their Users.

User Interfaces We've Developed

Our User Interface (UI) team's goal is to design products and product interfaces that are beautiful, clean and intuitive. Our experienced team is able to assist any Individual, Start-Up, Company, or Enterprise in their user interface (UI) needs. Regardless of the scale of project we are here to help, let us know how we can help you today!

Good design is where it all begins.

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