Our talented and experienced development teams are driven to develop innovative and interactive solutions that bring form and function to life. Working closely with our design teams, our development group creates custom scalable software for a variety of platforms and devices. Our goal is simple; create engaging user experiences while maximizing application longevity through user value. Whether developing on the cloud, for Windows, OSx, iOS, Gaming Platforms, Mobile, or custom websites; you can be confident in the quality of products we deliver.

Our Specialities

Web Development

We don't just develop websites, we create web experiences. Our development team doesn't consider themselves website developers, they consider themselves website engineers. Whether it's developing a single mobile friendly parallax web page or creating a full scale enterprise website our web development team has you covered.

Working closely with our design teams we offer complete front-end and back-end web development solutions, from basic web pages, e-commerce solutions to custom content management systems (CMS). Our web development teams will work tirelessly around the clock to ensure that your vision for a website is fulfilled to your specifications; we will make sure your website is responsive, mobile friendly and search engine optimized (SEO). We use the latest web technologies and techniques but in a way which still looks great to users using older internet browsers and slower connections.

Our goal is to develop a website for you which maximizes your presence online and gives you long-term advantages.

Platform Specialities

With website design and development starting at $750.00 with our no hassle 100% satisfaction guarantee and a free assessment, what could go wrong? Not technical? No worries! Our talented web designers and developers are here to guide you through every step of the process to ensure you are fully informed of your options and answer any questions or concerns you may have! What are you waiting for? Contact us now!

Web Site Rescues

As an experienced design, development and marketing Company we have seen and heard a lot of it. Unfortunately so often people come to us after hiring a freelancer, amateur, or inexperienced company with complaints about a broken website, an incomplete website, a website that doesn't reflect their brand, is being held hostage by the Company who created it, or even worst their website has been hacked and damaged to what they believe is the point of no return. Never fear, we are here to help. Our qualified development teams can quickly assess your website and tell you what it will take to fix, complete it or even make yours!

After a thorough assessment we can easily help you determine the best course of action to save you the most time and money. We will work with you to restore your vision and return your faith. Best of all when we are done with the website it will be looking exactly as you wanted and ready to impress your customers!

We aren't scared of any web project big or small even if it means fixing someone else's mistakes when they get in over their heads. We are here to help you and restore your faith in the web design and development industry.

Website Maintenance

Just like a vehicle, websites can and will require maintenance over time. Our maintenance services can provide everything from updating graphics, finding and fixing security flaws, adding additional functionality, website and database backups, and even restoring websites which have been compromised by malicious hackers.

Think of us as an insurance policy for your website, for as little as $50 a year we can provide a full backup of your website, assess it for security flaws and store the backups remotely in the event that your website ever needs to be restored. Contact us today to find out more!

Mobile Apps

In a world which is becoming increasingly interconnected mobile application development is on the increase for personal, non-profit, start-ups, business, and enterprise use. We specialize mainly in cross platform applications which function well across all devices however we can also develop solely for a single device type. Our mobile app development team develops customized mobile application software that helps improve user interaction. Users expect that their apps be built to perfection and we pride ourselves in our ability to develop apps which are smooth, intuitive and easy to use. We build for application longevity, ease of use, and functionality.

We are always excited to hear your ideas! Contact us today to find out how we can help you!

Cloud Development

Gone are the days of businesses and enterprises running their own server infrastructure with generic software that has been hacked and slashed in an attempt to fit their requirements. Pixelated Karma offers Cloud Development services for developing complex web based and hybrid applications which are run remotely on the Cloud. These applications allow employees to safely and securely access the information they need from wherever they are, allowing a Company more mobility and more flexibility while increasing efficiency and effectiveness. Our development teams developed and will continue to develop applications for a variety of business and enterprise needs. We provide both hands on development services as well as consulting services to ensure your cloud migration goes off seamlessly.

Are you a business or large enterprise looking to make the transition to the workplace of tomorrow? Are you unsatisfied with your previous attempts at going to the Cloud? Do you want to keep up with the times, decrease IT cost and increase workplace productivity? Get in touch with us now to find out what we can do for you!

Software Solutions

When Cloud connected software and mobile applications don't fit your requirements, Pixelated Karma offers software development solutions. Our small but agile software development team can assist you in developing a platform based software solution. Our software development team has experience ranging from video game development to financial software. Regardless of the complexity or project size, we have you covered.

Not sure what sort of software or application will fit your needs the best? Contact us today and we will help point you in the right direction!

User Experience Architecture(UX)

Our User Experience (UX) experts are continually working with our Company to improve our own internal products but are available for consulting; we consider them masters of information architecture. Through studies and testing we can accurately predict your target userís expectations and assist you in developing an unrivaled and immersive User Experience (UX). We are firm believers that if you need a manual, constant technical support or hours in a classroom, the product is too hard to use and ineffective. These sorts of complications lead to less product demand, increased production time, increased product maintenance, and a short product lifespan. Why waste money? Invest in reliable user experience (UX) development to increase the potential for viral project success.

Investing in a project that relies heavily on user experience? Let us help give you the guidance you need. Find out more!

Quality Assurance and Control Consulting (QA/QC Testing)

We are firm believers in quality over quantity and nobody knows software and internet technologies like our development teams. Led by a quality control coordinator, Pixelated Karmaís development teams can assist projects small and large in finding critical software and application issues, security flaws, and shortfalls. By outsourcing your Quality Assurance and Quality Control duties you can save time, better enforce deadlines with the added benefits of having an unbiased yet experienced group focus on finding your product flaws. For every product we test we go through our own detailed analysis and assessment as well as any internal one you may require. In addition we give thorough and detailed reports on all the issues we discover on a regular basis until project completion.

Looking to outsource your quality control and quality assurance duties? Maybe you are looking for a second set of eyes? Software of all shapes and uses, we got you covered; contact us today to ask us what we can do for you!

We have a serious passion for bringing pixels to life.

We are constantly looking for new jobs to fulfil our passion. Contact us today and lets create something incredible.